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Administrative Law Courses courses provide very considerable savings compared to individual enrolments. While an ideal session size may be in the range of up to 20-25 participants, we are happy to accommodate any session size which is preferred.

Administrative Law - Legal Training Courses Canberra

Starting in February 2018, ALi will offer a complete range of 8 administrative law courses open to all public servants. The courses include Administrative Law Illustrated, Building a Better Decision and Cases of Distinction

Privacy/FOI training

FOI requires a sound understanding of both ‘administrative’ and ‘access’ decision making. Applying excellent decision-making skills are a key to high quality FOI outcomes.

Administrative Law decision making in FOI covers a broad range of matters including validity of requests, documents covered, transfers, consultation, charges and resources. These administrative decisions lay the ground work for handling the FOI request and are vital to its later success.



Legal Training Services Australia


ALi provides expert and experienced legal training for agencies and their staff. Every ALi session covers the fundamentals and the latest developments. The ALi objective is increased legal knowledge and compliance for individual public servants and government as a whole. While the initial 2018 sessions are in Canberra, ALi can provide courses anywhere in Australia.


ALi springs from the continuing passion to communicate the values, principles and experience of administrative law in Australia. What ALi sessions offer is expert legal knowledge and a stimulating training experience, with some excitement, passion and even a little entertainment thrown in!

“Absolutely fabulous course and presentation!”

“An outstanding job in delivering the session.”

“Such an engaging presentation.”

“Thanks for your engaging and informative presentation; am looking forward to your next one.”

“Tim wears his scholarship very lightly”



Tim Moe the principal of ALi has over 25 years of experience so you will always get the best legal training.

Tim Moe has presented legal courses and seminars to over 40 government agencies and departments and to thousands of public servants. He gives legal training all over Australia. Tim’s training is extremely well received by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

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Administrative Law Initiative


ALi courses are designed to appeal very effectively to diverse audiences. The courses work very well for beginning and experienced public servants, and for those who have legal training and for those who have other expertise.

The subject areas for ALi include statutory interpretation, decision-making, information law, merits and judicial review, and Ombudsman. These subjects are dynamic and evolving and are central to the role and functioning of government.

Administrative law does not have to be boring. Cases and stories, anecdotes and pictures, and hypotheticals and role plays, are amongst the best means to great learning outcomes.

For its 2018 courses, ALi will commence with all new materials with a new perspective on and coverage of the topic areas. The materials will combine the latest developments with the enduring fundamentals, to create comprehensive and compelling courses.

ALi  places the highest premium on client satisfaction, and will discuss options with you and work with you to obtain the best possible outcome. ALi will design and deliver sessions which consistently exceed expectations.

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Open Courses

Starting in February 2018, ALi will offer a range of administrative law courses open to all public servants. The courses include Administrative Law Illustrated, Building a Better Decision and Cases of Distinction. For further details click below...


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In-House Courses

All ALi courses can be presented in-house for your staff. ALi has long-standing expertise in shaping administrative law training to match the legislative and practical context of your agency. Specialised in-house training is a major part of Tim’s legal training practice. For further details click below...

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ALi Insights

The ALi blog provides updates and case notes on selected aspects of administrative law. It alerts readers to major developments in their areas of interest, and comments on notable issues...

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Upcoming Events

Keep updated on the latest ALi lectures and other events.


ALi Launch and 1st Campbell Lecture

1.30 - 4.30 pm, Friday, 16 March 2018, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra You are cordially invited to...

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ALi Practitioners Network

The Network will convene its first Decisions and Developments Forum in Canberra on 28 March 2018. The Forum will...

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